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Instrument Panel Lighting

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What Can Swapping out your instrument panel lighting do for you?

Vehicle: 1987 Yamaha Riva 200Z

Goal: Reduce electrical load

Products:White T10 LED

Subject vehicle 1987 Riva 200Z

Upon removing the headlight, found some mud dobber eggs!

Rear of instrument panel shows 8 bayonet type bulbs held in place by rubber plugs.

T6.5 1.7w bulb according to Yamaha specs.  One bulb was connected to a watt meter and it used 200ma. Theoretical amperage usage with all 8 bulbs on is 1.6 amps or 20 watts at 12VDC.

Incandescent bulbs removed and t10 leds inserted. A single t10 uses 20ma so max theoretical watt usage is 160ma or 2 watts at 12VDC.

Potential max power saved is 1.4 amps or 17 watts at 12vdc. 17 watts is approximately 13% of the stators maximum output of 130 watts.

This is a significant reduction in electrical usage.  The light output of the white t10 led mimics the incandescent bulb.  The appearance of the gauges and indicator lights was unchanged with the led bulbs. All gauges and lights are very visible in daylight and night time.

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