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2014 DL1000 Vstrom Headlight Install

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Products: H7 Plus, H9 Plus, Amber T10 LED

Motorcycle: 2014 Suzuki DL1000 Vstrom - 180miles on the Odometer

The 2014 DL1000 uses headlight part no. 35100-31J01.  This headlight is used in the following models:

DL1000 2014 through 2019

DL650  2017 through 2019

The low beam install is somewhat involved, the lack of space available in the headlight makes the positioning of the various connectors and mesh heatsink important to a successfull installation. The high beam light is very simple and should take about 5 minutes.

Low beam bulb is an H7.  

The cap is removed, wire retainer opened, then the halogen bulb. removed.

We have removed the base on the H7 Plus in this picture as the base is the first thing to be installed.

Adapter installed and wire clip secured.

Driver installed, inserted to right side.

H4 connector attached to driver and installed in lower section.

LED bulb installed, mesh spread inside headlight, connection made to driver.

Cap installed, low beam done at this point.

The high beam is very simple install. The back of the bulb is outside unlike the low beam.

High beam from under the fairing.

High beam installed and connected.  The wires were secured using tyewraps and the mesh spread out.

All done

Low beam off  with the T10 amber led parking light on.

Low beam on with parking light

Low and high beam

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