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ADVmonster Auxiliary Brake Light Installation

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ADVmonster Auxiliary Brake Light with Frame

I was looking forward to installing our new auxiliary license plate brake light as I am a firm believer in any addition to the back of my bike that allows people to see me better. The light and frame comes with a couple feet of wire, enough to reach the tail light, and 2 Posi-tap connectors to make installation easy.

The brake light is attached to the lower portion of the robust metal license plate frame and is shipped in a slow flashing mode which I like. For those who want a different flash rate, it is changeable by using the yellow wire to change flash mode. Be sure if you change the flash mode that you cut off the yellow wire or keep it covered so that it does not short against any part of your bike that may cause the mode to change inadvertently.

First thing I did was attach the frame to my license plate, and as it turns out, there was already a small hole in my rear fender for running the light wire through, lucky me!

After I ran the cable up under my rear fender, I located the taillight ground wire and brake wire for my bike, and attached the black wire to ground and the red wire to my brake light wire using the supplied Posi-taps. They ensure a good connection without damaging the bike's wiring harness.

The last step was to secure the cable behind my fender with a nylon cable clamp. Some bikes with dual walled rear fender assemblies shouldn't require this step.

Here is the finished product, with my taillight on:

And with the brake light on, the auxiliary light flashes slowly. It is bright enough for even a distracted driver to notice, I think.

Link to product page:


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