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H4 Mesh Monster LED Headlight in a BMW R100GS

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Thanks to all our customers for your response to our LED headlights.

Motorcycle: 1989 BMW R100GS

Product: H4 Mesh Monster LED Headlight

The headlight on the BMW R100GS is one of the smallest I've seen on a motorcycle. While BMW built a great bike, the electrical system is it's Achilles heel.  Our H4 Mesh Monster LED will reduce power consumption to 20 watts (vs the stock 55w halogen) while producing 3 times more light.

Considering the headlight housing also includes the speedometer, indicator lights and the ignition key. There isn't much space for the headlight connection.  Our H4 Rev1 or Rev2 would not even come close to fitting.

The headlight is retained inside a clamshell design that came apart rather easily.  Here is Steve the owner who bought the bike new and Mike a local friend, we met at the Frostbite for lunch and to install the headlight. The Frostbite is highly recommended if you happen to be in Central Florida.

Here we've installed the H4 Mesh Monster with the stock rubber cover, no modifications are needed.

Installed with ring to hold headlight, you can see the mesh in the back, ready to keep the leds cool.

Steve was surprised to see the backup H4 halogen (wrapped in bubble wrap) he had put in the headlight bucket some years ago.  You can toss that, the LED will never burn out!

Closed up and ready for a ride

We went on lengthy ride throughout the country side.  I can report that the LED makes the bike much more visible to others.  I could see Steve in my mirrors, long before I could tell it was a motorcycle!

Steve reports that the light works great at night and he hasn't been flashed by any oncoming traffic.

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