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H7 Mesh Monster LED Headlight Install R1200GS Low and High Beam

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What: Installation of LED Headlight in Low and High beam

Motorcycle: 2007 BMW R1200GS

Product: H7 Mesh Monster LED Headlight

Installation time: 30 minutes

Tools Required: Stock Tool kit

Seems to be a recurring theme, eating at the Frostbite:) Good food cannot be ignored! The Frostbite has a nice big oak tree out back that provided some much needed shade for this installation.

I met Bruce who owns this R1200GS to install our H7 Mesh Monster LED Headlight in the low and high beam.

As this was the first installation of this product, we decided to remove the headlight bucket, this is simple on the R12GS with just a few screws. Windshield removed.

Headlight bucket out, low beam installed (on right side, cover in place), high beam installed, cover off. Notice in this picture the driver box and cable fits inside the headlight housing. No modifications were needed to install the H7 Mesh Monster LED Headlights.

Another picture of the high beam. The mesh was formed to fit the available space.

Headlight back together.  Bruce has PIAA led lights on the bike. The color from the Mesh Monsters and the PIAAs a very close

Looking forward to hearing about Bruce's planned ride to Alaska this summer!  

LED in headlight.

Another angle

Overall this installation was very straight forward with minimal fuss.  No modifications or special tools were needed.

Bruce reports he is very happy with the light output of the leds.


The H7 Mesh Monster LED Headlight provides added light output (more than 2x the stock halogen) with significantly increased reliability (30x the life of a halogen) while being easy to install.

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