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Stanley Sealed Beam LED Conversion


Topic:  Sealed beam conversion to LED

Vehicle: 1976 Honda CB500T

Product: H4 Mesh Monster LED Headlight

If ever there was a motorcycle that needs better lighting, it would be the 1976 Honda CB500T. The anemic charging system really struggles keeping the battery charged when the rpms are under 2500.  The stock headlight is a 7" diameter Stanley sealed beam with low and high beam.

Began by removing the headlight from the bucket, disconnecting the electrical.

Here I've taken a dremel with a fiber cutoff wheel and cut around the crimp that hold in the sealed element.


Then using a small pair of needle nose pliers, began breaking the glass

Once the electrical part was removed, I used a screwdriver to break the large bulb on the inside.  Careful with the flying glass.  I was able to get most of the glass out in a couple of minutes.  Used the needle nose to break the large pieces so they would fit out of the opening.

Cleaned the brown insulation out so I could have a straight barrel to mount the led.

Here is the stock beam pattern from a couple of feet away.  My goal was to mimic the pattern by adjusting the depth of the led in the housing.

Stock Low beam

Stock High Beam

Our H4 Mesh Monster LED Headlight was the only option that would fit in the bucket.  LED headlights with large heatsinks or fans simply will not work.

With the H4 Mesh Monster inserted all the way against the cut (where the crimp was on the sealed beam).

The resulting beam pattern from the H4 Mesh Monster LED Headlight

Low Beam

High Beam

The beam with the LED is a bit more open or spread out with tests in the garage.  I'm going to try this out and see how it works.  If the beam pattern is too open, inserting the led furter into the housing will focus the beam, making it much narrower.  This will require trimming of the socket which I didn't want to make it too short.

The LED is held in rather securely with a couple wraps of electrical tape around the stalk of the H4 Mesh Monster.  I will likely glue or silicone it in place, once I have decided on the beam pattern.

This modification reduced the amp draw as follows:

        Stock                              LED

Low          High                Low       High

3                 4.8                  1.4        1.6

Stock Watts                              LED Watts

Low       High                            Low   High

35            55                              17      20

The H4 Mesh Monster LED Headlight produces nearly 8 times more light than the low beam and about 5 times more light than the high beam!

Looking forward to trying this out at night!

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