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H4 R4 LED Headlight

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$75.00 $50.00
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Product Description

We've taken the best of our H4 Rev3, added some upgrades and came up with our H4 Rev4. The Best LED Headlight on the market featuring Cree XHP70 leds!

+Awesome beam pattern - Low beam provides a distinct cutoff with the high beam stacked on top of the low beam.

+1.9amps at 12.8vdc or 24 watts low beam 4800 lumens

+3.3amps at 12.8vdc or 42 watts high beam 6800 lumens

+Low and High Beam LEDs are on with high beam.  

+ Maleable Mesh heatsink makes use of available space.

+5700k color temperature


+External driver

+30,000 hour expected life.

 + Grommet available for installations that have a cover or cap behind the headlight. The mesh will protrude from the cover, how much depends on the cap height or distance from the back of headlight. Leave us a note at checkout if you need the grommet.



Warranty Information

1 year

Beam Pattern Guarantee - If at anytime during the first 90 days you are not pleased with the beam pattern. Return it for a full refund for cost of product (excludes shipping).

Product Reviews

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  1. A "must have" bulb upgrade! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Aug 2020

    Installed in a Triumph Tiger Explorer Gen1 2012.
    From customer service to quality of product I can't fault these guys at all.
    Even months later after I'd purchased the product and went back to them with a question about installation they helped out.
    As for the bulb themselves, fantastic upgrade, massive difference to the original bulbs and no modifications required.
    Other road users can't miss me during the day and at night riding has turned into a pleasure. Remember the scene out of Close Encounters of the Third kind when the UFO's track down the road, seriously these bulbs make you feel you are one of those UFO's.
    Cracking upgrade wish I'd done it years ago!

  2. Amazing upgrade! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Oct 2019

    I ride at night a lot going home from work. The stock light on my TDM900 was like candles, even with best quality halogen bulbs. On the previous TDM900, I kept the stock light and installed model 60 LED light kit, but it tended to blind other drivers. At that time, the H4r4 did not exist, so now this product is available, I wanted to upgrade the stock light. Wow! This thing is great! The light is very crisp. Much brighter than halogens and I can see much further and wider. It bothers a bit other drivers, as I have not succeeded to adjust headlight down a bit. On the TDM900, the stocklight is H7, but the H7 LED headlight is bigger than halogen bulb and I feared that the H7 LED headlight could not fit in the housing. So I decided to purchase the H4, which is more compact that the H7.To fit the H4 onto the TDM, I had to remove the white plastic part (very easy!) and build an adaptator from an old H7 halogen bulb (a bit more difficult!). To install the H4 on the TDM was a little tough for me because I have big hands and space is restriced, but I succeeded with no alteration of the bike products nor the LED itself.

  3. Lot'ta Light 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Jun 2019

    Just 4 Stars cause I haven't had a chance to try it at night. Certainly lot more light in the shop than the old bulb.

  4. Wow! Fantastic investment for night riders. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th May 2019

    I ride at night a lot going home from work. The stock light on my 2014 CB500x was good, but I wanted it to be better and I also wanted to be seen by other drivers better. I upgraded to this and man this thing is awesome! The light is very crisp. Much brighter than halogens and I can see much further and wider. It does not bother other drivers. You may have to adjust your headlight down a bit. The high beam on this thing is wicked as well. Both High and Low turn on and you can see forever, absolutely amazing. Install on the 2014 CB500x was a little tough for me because I have big hands, but the malleable mesh is nice and I was able to fit it with no issues or alterations.

  5. CB1100 Awesome Upgrade 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th May 2019

    Fits fine in the housing. Light output is amazing with a sharp low beam cutoff. I can enjoy night riding again!