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Model 55 LED Light Kit

Out of Stock

$190.00 $150.00
(You save $40.00)

Product Description



The M55 light kit includes everything you need to install a pair of lights to your choice of mounting location. Kit includes: two (2) Model 55 Off Road Led Combispot lights, Plug n Play Wiring harness with waterproof switch.

About the Model 55


LED type: Single Cree MT-G2  

Reflector: Deep draw with partial dimpling

Housing: Machined aluminum, black powder coat, openings sealed with orings to insure waterproofness.

Mount: Stainless steel with a wide range of vertical adjustment. The mount locks in place with stainless hardware including nyloc nut. 6mm bolt hole provides a secure mount to your choice of mounting locations. 25mm/1” square mount foot will mount to any flat location or stud.

Light Performance (single light)

Beam (degrees): Combispot - 7 degree primary beam provides maximum distance while the spill created by the custom reflector provides the width of a flood light.  This is a do it all light.

Light output (lumens): 3000

Color Temperature (kelvin): 5000

Usable Light (feet/meters): 1500/457, Spot that deer, dog, animal/obstacle long before you need to stop.


Wiring: One meter wire lead with connector. Sheathed lead provides resistance to rubs, scraps and other potential damage while maintaining waterproofness. Adequate length for mounting on lower fork.

Power Draw (single light): 2.1 amps @12vdc or 25 watts, much reduced draw with a dimmer.


Warranty Information

1 year from date of purchase to customer of record.

Check our store policies page for detailed information.

Product Reviews

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  1. Great Auxiliary Lights 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Sep 2020

    this was my third set of advmonster lights. first two were model 60's. i only bought these because model 60 wasnt in stock. these are wonderful lights but not quite as bright as the model 60. the model 55 does not have as much flood distribution as the model 60 and is not quite as bright.

  2. Really nice lights at a very competetive price! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Oct 2019

    Bought the M55 lights after checking them out on the ADVMonster site and reading some of the reviews. They are well constructed and not at all cheap looking or feeling. At half the price of the competition they are a bargain in my opinion.

    They include a very nice wiring harness that should fit most bike applications. I modified the wiring as I wanted a relay with power to the lights only when the bike is running but if you are reasonably skilled and a DIY guy it isn’t difficult.

    WARNING: These devils are bright! Mount them where LEOs will not want to pull you over to talk about blinding your fellow drivers!

    I don’t think any rider would regret buying these to increase their visibility and view down the road.

  3. These are the best! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Dec 2017

    I have a set of these on my Ural sidecar motorcycle, along with the dimmer kit with a high beam max brightness control. I keep the lights on the lowest setting with greatly increases my visability to others, and when on high beams, these lights light up the world: they are fantastic!

  4. Great package deal 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Aug 2017

    Nicely packaged and first impression of the lights are "wow" in the garage. Haven't had time to mount them yet - working through some mounting questions, but the chat-support on the site was fantastic. Great discussion about options for mounting and on longevity etc. Super to get an intelligent and considerate response.

  5. Super Service 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th May 2017

    This is my 3rd reveiw of these lights and couldn't be happier. Had a light going on/off intermittantly so contacted John & he said send it Back!. I did & 4 days later had it back! (He even paid shipping back!) Great Service and a Great Product!

  6. Just what i needed 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Dec 2016

    These lights come with everything to install. I live in AZ, and it gets dark when out of the city, They are bright and light up the night. if you want to see or be seen these are the lights for you.

  7. Amazing Value 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Nov 2016

    CombiSpot is the correct name for these lights. They throw a bean down the road as well as lighting up from Trees to Trees on the sides of the road. When used in conjunction with the PWM/Dimmer switch these are the Perfect solution to DayTime visibility lights as well as Low beam night time use. The full bright High Beam lights up brighter than any other lights I've seen with a better pattern as well. All at a lower price than any other lights. Super Value! Thanks John & Thanks AdvMonster!

  8. Amazing Value 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Nov 2016

    CombiSpot is the correct name for these lights. They both throw an amazing beam down the road as well as lighting from Wood to woods on the sides. Wen used in conjunction with the PWM dimmer/High Beam switch these are the Perfect answer to daylight low beam visibility lights as well as some of the Most powerful & brightest, (yet small!} lights available and at a price Much lower than anyone elses. I couldn't be happier. I now ride my Super Tenere' after dark on the backwoods roads(Read Bambi Heaven!) here in Alabama with much less fear! Thanks John & Thanks AdvMonster!

  9. Great product at a great price. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Oct 2016

    I added these to a '16 Tiger mainly for my daily commute and making myself more visible. Using the dimmer switch is the ticket, set them on low setting and when I hit the high beam they go full on.
    When I get caught out at night they will be great (days are getting shorter this time of year). I did some local night runs to test them out, they really supplement the TIger's good lighting. These relatively small lights really light things up!

  10. "Do it all light" is Truth in Advertising 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Sep 2016

    The light is an excellent blend of down the road illumination with enough scatter to see the road sides well ahead. It doesn't blind you by over-illuminating reflective signs, yet you can see road sides dramatically better and it fills in the dark spot ahead on the inside of a curve. The spot size and shape down the road is perfect for hilly terrain, illuminating more of the hill ahead and the road below as you approach valleys and hill tops.

    I have a set of Clearwater Erica's on another bike. They are far brighter (and $700 more expensive), but not as good for actual night driving in the mix of mountains and country roads I experience in the southeastern USA. The Model 55's do not over-flood-light the road close to you and thus destroy your night vision. The model 55's also do not blind you from reflection off road signs and road side vegetation (like the Erica's do), yet they are bright enough that I cannot tell if I have the factory brights or dims on when the 55's are full bright.

    The one negative (if you call it that) is that they do not have the 60° even cone for daytime conspicuity. If you mostly use your lights for daytime "notice me" then I think the model 60 flood lights would be superior because they are bright at a wider angle. But if you actually intend to drive at night and want a great combination of good light pattern and useful light levels, the model 55 is your choice.

    I mounted them on a '15 VStrom DL 1000. The factory high beam is already locomotive like - powerful with a great pattern. The 55's simply washed it out except for a small area about 45° each side of center, at the extreme edge of the high beam. The 55's mounts seem a bit thin and small, but once tightened up, have held the lights steady and do not shake or vibrate. The mounts seem to be stainless with stainless hardware. I do wish they would change the Philips head bolt for an metric hex head to match everything else on a metric bike (and the right angle hex key would be much easier to hold the bolt facing the body panel than even the shortest stubby driver.)

    The supplied wiring harness was complete and simple to install. Although there were no included instructions, the connectors will only fit one way and the harness is plenty long (perhaps too long, or there are some huge bikes out there!). The extra harness length let me route the wires completely hidden and away from moving or hot parts. The wire harness was entirely encased in loom, and quality fuel and heat resistant loom at that.

    At first, no instructions was an negative, but then I hit on the idea of hooking everything up off the bike first and discovered it would only go one way. Seeing it all connected on the floor made it obvious how it worked and should be installed. The absence of instructions left me free to route and install how I wished to best fit me and my bike. Think "simple" and "liberating" instead of "missing instructions" and you will have the right idea.

    The wiring harness included several nice touches. The connectors used for the lights are really small, which allows them to be threaded through any body panel hole the wires will fit through. The system has a heavy duty 40 amp relay and fuse even though it draws less than 5 amps. The wires themselves are selected for thin tough insulation that minimizes the bundle size while still having enough copper conductors; i.e. they look small, but actually have more than adequate current capacity.

    I experimented a bit while the lights were off the bike. The lights work with a generic PWM dimmer. However they flickered at low light levels with the first PWM dimmer I tried. A bit of examination with an O'scope revealed the issue was the lights were simply cutting off (flickering) because the pulse rate was that slow. A better quality (higher pulse rate) PWM solved that problem. The one supplied by ADVMonster worked even better and dimmed lower.

    Overall great design and great value.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 11 | Next