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  • H4 wiring harness
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  • Handlebar switch
  • Main wiring harness
  • 3 position handlebar mounted switch

Model 57FA LED Light Kit

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$125.00 $110.00
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Product Description

Ounce for ounce, the brightest light on the market .  You will be shocked at the light output of such a small package. Forced cooling and an external driver enables the light to be so small, no more large heatsinks and bulky housings to keep the leds cool.  The Model 57 light kit includes everything you need to install a pair of lights to your choice of mounting location.


Kit includes:

Two (2) Model 57FA Off Road Led lights.

Your choice of H4 or Direct connect PnP wiring harness.


About the Model 57FA

Ounce for ounce, the brightest light on the market .  You will be shocked at the light output of such a small package. Forced cooling and an external driver enables the light to be so small, no more large heatsinks and bulky housings to keep the leds cool. 

LED type: Cree

Optics: Projector lens

Housing: Machined aluminum, anodized, openings sealed with orings to insure waterproofness.

Mount: Billet Aluminum U shaped, anodized. Stainless steel M6 mounting bolt, washer and nyloc nut.

Size: 1.5in diameter by 2.5in long. (38mm diam X 57mm long)

Weight: 2.5oz/71g


Light Performance (single light)

Low Beam Pattern(degrees): 15 degree  beam with a sharp, level upper beam cutoff.  The upper beam cutoff makes this light DOT compliant and traffic friendly. The amber, 2700k kelvin color temperature light output further enhances the ability to see in adverse conditions like fog and rain. The projector lens controls the light output such when properly aimed a dimmer is not needed for low beam operation.

High Beam Pattern(degrees): 15 degree beam with a sharp, level upper beam cutoff. Cool white high beam is stacked on top of the low beam to provide maximum distance.

Light output (lumens): low beam 2600 lumens, high beam 3200 lumens

Color Temperature (kelvin): low beam 2700k (amber),  high beam 5700k (cool white)

Usable Light (feet/meters): TBD

Power Usage: 1.6amps or 20watts on low beam,  2.2amps @12vdc or 26 watts on high beam.


About the Wiring Harnesses


H4 PnP Wiring Harness

Electrical installation of auxiliary lights just got a lot easier.  If you've upgraded your H4 headlight to an led, the saved amps/watts are used to run the auxiliary lights.  Your oem low/high beam switch is used to control the lights. Turn on the bike and the lights come on with the low beam, turn on the high beams and the lights go to full power.  Not recommended for use with a halogen headlight bulb.

Plug n Play: No soldering, crimping or other wire prep required.  Electrical connections completed in less than 5 minutes! It will take you longer to route the wires than it will to connect the wiring. The H4 harness is approximately 6"/15cm long.

Light Wiring: Wire length is 48 inches including driver. Sheathed lead provides resistance to rubs, scraps and other potential damage while maintaining waterproofness. Adequate length for mounting on lower fork. Driver is 40 inches from light and intended to be mounted out of view.


1) Disconnect the H4 connector from the headlight.

2) Plug said connector into the male end of the H4 harness.

3) Connect the H4 harness female to the headlight.

4) Connect lights to H4 harness.

5) Secure harness, all done!


Direct Connect Harness

Plug n Play: No soldering, crimping or other wire prep required. Connects to the battery or power source and is controlled directly via switch. Automatic high beam when selected using your oem headlight switch. Turn on the high beam and the lights go to full power, turn off the high beam and the lights return to the amber low beam.  Use switch to turn low beam lights on or off.  If connected to a switch power source, the light will come on and shut off with the ignition.

Custom: We can customize the wire lengths to meet your needs.  Typically there will be adequate wire, with length to spare.

Switch: Your choice of

1) Handlebar mounted switch - turns amber beam on/off, white beam controlled by your oem high beam switch.

2) Waterproof push button on/off switch. Switch can be panel mounted (3/8" hole) or surface mounted with velcro or double sided tape. Works the same as the Handlebar switch.

3) Waterproof 3 position handlebar mounted switch - Controls amber and white beams.



 1) Remove fuse from holder.

 2) Connect ring connectors to battery.  If you are using a power distribution panel or other switched power source, remove the ring connectors.

 3) Route harness forward towards headstock.  Be sure to avoid pinch points and other possible wire damaging sources like exhaust etc.

 4) Mount switch, route the separate switch harness towards mating connector near headstock. Plug switch connector into main harness.

5) Connect the blue wire on switch harness to the high beam positive wire using the provided posi-tap connector.

6) Route light wire leads to the mating connector(s) on main harness.  Plug in connectors if wire routing looks good. Secure drivers.

7) Mount lights.  Ensure the wire exit from the light points to the ground.  This will maintain the beam pattern in the correct orientation.

8) Temporarily secure lights and connect to the driver wire lead.

9) Secure harness, reinstall fuse, check light functions. Switch should turn on/off the low beam, your oem high/low beam switch will turn on the high beam. The optional 3 position switch controls all beams.

10) Aim beam pattern.  Low beam amber beam pattern should be about the same height as the low beam on the bike. Adjust width to preference.

11) Secure light mount hardware.  All done!

Warranty Information

1 year from date of purchase to customer of record.

Check our store policies page for detailed information.

Product Reviews

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  1. 57FA LED Light Kit 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Mar 2021

    Installed and making a lot of light for such a compact light. Looks good on my Moto Guzzi V9. The mounting screws for the light brackets are very small and if you drop one you will never find it. Ask me how I know. The wiring harness is very generous and I had difficulty bundling it all up under the tank and seat. Overall, a great safety addition to my bike.

  2. Nice complete kit for a good price. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Dec 2020

    I needed lights to increase the odds of me being seen by left turners. I checked the Advmonster site due to my experience with their LED headlamps.
    These fit the bill and more. I like the way they provide both conspicuity and spot lights. The wiring harness is very well done and easy to install.

  3. Well Done 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Oct 2020

    Lights are very bright for their size as advertised. I configured them with the EZcan to work along side of turn signals and they look great. Only would like to see the side screws that mount the lights to the bracket to be a bit larger and stronger.

  4. Great lights 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Oct 2020

    These lights are extremely bright and have distinct cutoff, making them much more effective.. Not the blinding glare scatter that is so common with other lights. Also, they're tiny, which made them really easy to tuck into a safe mounting location on my DR650. The DR has hit the ground pretty hard a few times with these lights and they're fine.
    I got the rocker switch. That I regret, it just feels really cheap. I'd suggest trying the water proof option instead.
    My second set of ADVMonster lights; F11's on my Strom. Next bike? More lights from these guys.

  5. Great light pattern 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Sep 2020

    Optics really control the light output. Adjusted light so the top of the amber low beam is just above the bikes main low beam. Works well in rain and fog no effect to oncoming traffic, still very bright. High beam easily outdistances main headlight high beam.

  6. Great light output! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Aug 2020

    The H4 harness made install a breeze and they work perfectly in sync with main headlights. Have yet to see them in full darkness, but can definitely tell the difference in visibility in the early mornings. My only concern is seeing how long the cooling fan lasts since I ride almost every day, these will get a lot of use.

  7. Great Customer Service 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Aug 2020

    ADVmonster made a custom wiring harness for my install. Installation was quick and painless. Lights perform great, get me noticed during the day and help me see at night.

    Exactly what I was looking for in aux lighting.

  8. Impressive punch! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Aug 2020

    Punches way beyond it's appearance. Very small light that can be installed about anywhere. Light output is very well controlled. Highly recommended, gets me noticed on the road without blinding others.